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Licensed Insurance Agent

Mike Birch

(720) 650-7245

Denver, CO


I specialize in helping people on Medicare save money and improve upon their benefits. Most people on Medicare do not realize the options available to them. I learn about your healthcare needs and review major carrier options to see which plan option will meet your needs and save you money.


  • Is your doctor important to you? Then that will be important to me too!
  • Are you taking medications? I’ll search for options to save you money on deductibles and monthly/quarterly refills.
  • Do you need dental benefits? Let me help you maximize this benefit!
  • Do you need eyeglasses? Let me help you save on new frames and lenses.
  • Do you like to exercise? Most plans offer zero dollar memberships!
  • Would you like to save on your Part B premium? Many plans in various areas offer a benefit to help you save money – putting more money in your check!