All Plans, One Place, Your Pace

We have one mission at
To provide an easy, consumer-friendly way for seniors to:

                                          1. Research all of the Medicare option plans available to them.
                                          2. Provide an easy, convenient, and No-Pressure way to Compare all of those plans at their own pace.
                                          3. Enroll in the perfect plan for them when they are ready.


Choosing a Medicare plan isn’t always the easiest thing.
There are common mistakes that seniors sometimes make when trying to choose what plan is best for them. is here to help show you an easier, safer, and more convenient way to pick the very best plan for you.


3 Most Costly Mistakes you need to know about when choosing your plan.

1. Pushy salespeople and Choosing the wrong plan
2. Running into Medicare fraud:
3. Medicare enrollment issues due to COVID:


    1. Pushy salespeople and Choosing the wrong plan

Whether you are signing up for Medicare for the first time or deciding to change up your plan,
it’s super important to make sure you choose the one that best fits all of your needs.

When choosing what plan you want, you need to consider 3 main important factors:

      1. The cost of the plan
      2. If your drugs are covered under that plan,
      3. If your specific doctors/pharmacies are covered as well. provides you with an easy-to-use, consumer-friendly tool to help you pick out YOUR perfect plan at no cost!
You have the option to choose your own plan, enroll at your own pace,
and not get stuck with a pushy sales agent trying to sell you a specific plan that isn’t the best one for you.

If you need help enrolling, you can talk with a live agent directly through the website.
We are here to help you make this process as easy as possible and answer any questions that you may have along the way!

 2. Running into Medicare fraud:

When signing up for Medicare, there is a chance you might come across fraud schemes along the way.
Medicare fraud includes an individual/organization doing the following:

      a. Knowingly submitting false claims or making misrepresentations to obtain a health care payment

      b. Knowingly soliciting, receiving, offering, or bribing to induce referrals for items or services reimbursed by health care services

      c. Knowingly ordering medically unnecessary items or services for patients

      d. Knowingly billing for services that do not pertain to the patient

These are all things that you could possibly run into when enrolling in Medicare.

When enrolling through the MyMedicareRates website:
YOU control what information you include,
and YOU choose what plan fits best for you.

Our agents are only here to help make the enrollment process easier.
We are not here to sell you any products/services.
We want what is best for YOU!

  3. Medicare enrollment issues due to COVID:

Due to COVID, enrolling in Medicare may be a little challenging due to physical distancing being crucial right now.
This obstacle may make it harder for seniors to get the essential care and support that they need.

When enrolling in Medicare through our website, you never have to come into contact with someone if you don’t want to.
You can simply enroll on your own,
or if you need assistance our website offers a tool where you can speak with a live agent directly from your computer, at no cost!

Just one simple click at the bottom of the website and you have the option to speak with a live agent on the phone or through a video call and get all of your Medicare-related questions answered.

It’s important that you get the right Medicare benefits needed for your personal health,
and we won’t let anything stop that from happening.


All plans, One place, Your pace.

Even with these common problems that some seniors may experience when enrolling in Medicare,
we as a team are here to help eliminate those problems and make your enrollment process as easy as can be.
You won’t experience any pushy sales agents, no in-person contact, and easy access to the enrollment process through our website at no cost!

Find the best plan for you right here with our easy-to-use plan finder!